Color WOW

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Prelude Salon and Spa has finally introduced the infamous root cover up product, COLOR WOW!

It camoflauges grey roots and covers dark regrowth to blend previously lightened hair. It’s packed with an overload of pigment and it contains reflective particles which allows seamless blending with the tone of your hair. Color WOW can withstand rain, swimming, and persperation. It will only wash out when you shampoo your hair. Which is an amazing quality to have in a root cover up product. We have yet to see or hear of a product that will stay even after that intense work out to achieve that summer body you’ve been working your butt off for!

After an Amazing fun filled weekend and you wake up on a Monday running late for work, Color WOW takes less than 5 minutes to apply.

Flatten hair, wherever you wish to cover your roots/ greys, use a GENEROUS amount of powder on the brush and dab onto your roots, don’t be afraid to use a lot of product depending on how light or dark your roots are. All the stylists here have experimented with this product and find that Blotting on the powder covers the roots more evenly and flows better with your coloured hair.

Color WOW has 7 different powders, ranging from black to platinum blonde, which gives each client more of an opportunity to find the PERFECT colour.


Come in and experience this product for yourself!!!!



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