Ice Blonde, Grey & Silver Hair!!

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These famous colours are taking the world by storm. Ice blonde is in such a high demand, we can’t keep up. The stylists here have such an amazing knack for choosing the right tone of silver, grey or ice blonde for you specifically.

Luckily we are privileged enough to carry a colour line that lets us deliver every shade imaginable. We even have the right after care products for that luscious mane of yours, because we wouldn’t want all that hard to go to waste, now would we?? WELLA colour has given us the ability to recreate any look conceivable.


Silver, Grey and White hair isn’t the only colour trend to roll around this summer. If your willing to push your hair limits, You can take the plunge & either have bright, vibrant and mermaid hair mermaid hair 2  colours or still have extreme hair but toned down with pastel colours. You have infinite amount of colour options, ranging from Turquoise to Pale Yellow, with every colour in between.

Also known as MERMAID HAIR

For more examples of “Mermaid Hair”, use Social Media like Instagram ,Facebook and Pinterest to explore different options and ideas to bring to your BELOVED stylist.


Lots of pictures for your stylist will help to portray exactly what your looking for!!

So give us a call and set an appointment for your much needed extreme hair make-over with one of our master stylists!!


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