Olaplex & Moroccanoil

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We use the most well known, affordable and reliable hair care products. This specific line has become a WORLD WIDE phenomenon that has drastically changed the quality of millions of womens luscious locks. This is why, here at Prelude, we have decided to work first hand with the Moroccanoil hair products!

Our stylists customize the use of ALL the products to each clients hair types and lifestyle. We always recommend to use ONLY the best products on your hair to ensure that your colour and the integrity of your hair remains at it’s best and the intensity of your colour to last for weeks. So what we’re saying is we spoil each client :D!

Another highly recommended product that we use is OLAPLEX! The integrity of your hair will THANK YOU immensely. When lighting your hair to achieve the lightest shades of blonde, your hair can become damaged and can make the after care of your hair near impossible to maintain. Olaplex is used by the most popular hairstylists globally , including the infamous Guy Tang. This product rebuilds the hydrogen bonds that make up the disulfide bonds, (which are destroyed without using Olaplex), this leaves your hair in emaculate condition and who would’t want amazingly healthy hair?

We encourage, YOU, ladies to give it a shot and to experience a whole other level of incredible hair!!


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